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Engine Standstill

1. Stand-by Engine

In order to be ready for imminent normal service, all the requirements of the preparations for starting should be fulfilled together with further requirements as follows;

Keep fuel oil and cooling water circulating and pre-lubricating continuously.Keep the engine in warm condition similar to normal operating condition by circulating high temperature cooling water of the other engine or cooling water heating system. Otherwise, warming up of the engine should be required before entering into normal service.

2. Engine under Maintenance

Wait until the engine cooled down before starting maintenance work.Keep clean around engine and protect lubricating oil and fuel oil system from contamination.

3. Engine Stopping for a few hours

Keep the pre-lubricating pump running continuously.Try to keep the engine in warm condition as possible. Otherwise warming up will be required for next operation.

4. Engine Standstill for days

Keep indicator cock opened.Shut off valves of engine external feed system for starting air, cooling water and fuel oil.
If there is any risk of freezing, drain cooling water in the engine. 

5. Engine Standstill for a longer period

Further to above actions for the engine stand still for days, following actions are required;

Shut off exhaust gas duct to avoid any dust or humid entering into the engine.Keep indicator cock closed except during turning the crankshaft mentioned below.Run the pre-lubricating pump for about 30 minutes at least once a week. If humidity is high around the engine, daily pre-lubrication is recommended.Turn crankshaft by more than 2 revolutions during every pre-lubrication and stop at new crank position.It is recommended to circulate cooling water for about 30 minutes daily.It is recommended to run the engine once a week for checking the conditions for next starting.

6. Engine Preservation for long term disuse

Relevant cleaning and Anti-corrosion treatment should be required for long term preservation. Please contact engine maker with information of the site condition and period of disuse.

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