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Engine Starting Failure

1. Engine is not under ‘START READY’ condition

Check whether starting tried after ‘START READY’ lamp ‘ON’.Prepare for starting and reset.Check function of control system and governor.

2. Flywheel does not rotate.

No starting air noise from air motor when pressing ‘START’ button.Check valves for starting air supply line opened.Check function of solenoid valves on air motor.Starting air motor does not rotate.Check function of solenoid valves on air motor.Starting air motor rotate.Check pinion gear and ring gearTry starting again, if pinion gear engaging failed.Replace the gear, if broken.Check moving parts of engine insideRepair if bearing or piston seized.

3. Flywheel rotate, but too slowly

Check oil temperature. (Too high viscosity)Warm up the engine, if too low.Check starting air pressure and leakage.Charge air, if too lowRepair, if leaked.Check engine under load.Release the load, if loaded. 

4. No firing of cylinders.

Check fuel oil circulating.Charge fuel tank, if empty.Clean or replace fuel oil filter element, if cloggedCheck if first starting after maintenance. (Incomplete air venting of fuel injection pump)Release starting fuel limiter and start again manually.Check movement of fuel rack, control shaft and governor lever.Press ‘Reset’ button, if fuel rack blocked by stop signal.Lubricate linkages, if stiff.Adjust the levers, if distorted.Check if fuel oil drained too much.Tightening of fuel high pressure block, if loosened.Check fuel injection valve by tester. (Opening pressure and Spray pattern)Adjust valve opening pressure, if changed.Clean nozzle, if clogged by heavy fuel oil.Replace, if needle sticked.Check fuel injection pump.Replace, if sticked or worn excessively.
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