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MAN B&W ME-C series. Summary

The advantages of the ME-C range of engines are quite comprehensive, as seen below:

lower SFOC and better performance parameters thanks to variable electronically controlled timing of fuel injection and exhaust valves at any loadappropriate fuel injection pressure and rate shaping at any loadimproved emission characteristics, with lower NOx and smokeless operation easy change of operating mode during operationsimplicity of mechanical system with well-proven traditional fuel injection technology familiar to any crewcontrol system with more precise timing, giving better engine balance with equalized thermal load in and between cylinderssystem comprising performance, adequate monitoring and diagnostics of engine for longer  time between overhaulslower rpm possible for manoeuvringbetter acceleration, astern and crash stop performanceintegrated Alpha Cylinder Lubricatorsup-gradable to software development over the lifetime of the engine

It is natural consequence of the above that many more features and operating modes are feasible with fully integrated control system and, as such, will be retrofittable and eventually offered to owners of ME-C engines.

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