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Ruslan Shcherbakov 4 years ago #
Good day Dear Employer.
I hope you are having a good and lovely day!
I am well aware how valuable your time is and I would greatly appreciate if you spare just a few minutes to consider my application for employment.
I am Ruslan Shcherbakov. I am from Kherson, Ukraine. I have experience as a 2nd officer/JDPO and DPO on:
1) AHTS DP2 (3contracts) – “Bourbon Offshore Ukraine” and “Tidewater Marine International”,
2) PSV DP2 (4 contracts) –“Stanford Marine L.L.C”, UAE
3) DSV DP2 (1 contract) – “Petrolog Limited”, Nigeria
4) Cable Lay & Maintenance vessel (1 contract) – “S.B.Submarine System Co.Ltd” (SBSS), China
5) General cargo vessel and RO-RO vessel as a 3-rd mate.
I have experience and some knowledge:
• DGPS, Fan-beam, Cyscan, HPR (Sonardyne)
• Deck operations including the loading, stowage, securing and unloading of cargo items like floating risers, casing, tubing, slip joints, and all other drilling/platform equipment.
• Deck operations including the loading and discharge of bulks like Brine, Barite, Bentonite, Oil Base Mud, Cement, Diesel Oil and FW/DW.
• Supervision and management of the passage plan and navigation equipment.
• Management of the maintenance of GMDSS station, LSA & FF equipment.
• Management of ship’s hospital and medicine request.
I have experience working on such DP System:
1) Kongsberg SDP-21,
2) Kongsberg K-Master K-POS DP-22,
3) Kongsberg K-POS DP-21,
4) Alstom DPS 900.
5) Beier Radio (IVC Navis 2000).
On may last vessel – Cable Lay & Maintenance vessel “CS Fu An” we were involved in repair of optical cable in East China sea.
On my next two vessels — PSV DP2 “Stanford Eagle” & DSV DP2 “DSV Vinnice”, we were involved in ROV, Air & Saturation Diving operations (inspections and maintenance of platforms, survey of power cables & pipelines between oil platforms in Al Khalij oil field, Qatar & Okono-3 field, Nigeria).
I have experience working with mix crew (German, Dutch, Filipino, Poland, British, Iran, Nigerian, Columbian, Peruvian, Chilean, Honduras, Romanian, Indian, Indonesian, Chinese).
In addition, I have DP FULL certificate (valid until October 2019), T-BOSIET (OPITO approved) certificate.
The expiration date of my sea certificates is 2019. I am ready 100 % right now!
My occupational values are, of course, firstly the safety of the people with whom I work the ability to come to terms, trust and respect for each other. You will hardly ever meet a more positively minded person. I treat with respect and understanding the views of my colleagues. I try to smooth out the rough edges in work and communication both with my subordinates and superiors. I keep strict watch over correct and timely keeping of the ship's documentation in accordance with the orders and instructions of the Company. I treat seriously and with respect all tasks set for me by Master and Superintendents and I am always willing to accomplish them within the shortest time. I always listen to the opinion of the people around me and I am ready to handle all problems jointly. I love to learn and gain new knowledge and skills. I get along perfectly with all representatives of the Company, regardless of their role. I am a peaceful, good-natured, painstaking, hardworking, diligent and goal-oriented person. I am calm and cheerful by nature, with aggression in any form being unacceptable to me. I always strive to achieve the goals I set to myself and to do my work honestly, efficiently and responsibly.
I believe my skills and work experience make me a candidate for this role.
Thank you very much for having paid your attention to view my letter.
Please find enclosed my CV for your consideration.
I look forward to speaking with you soon.

My contact phone (mobile): +38 050 4945059 (Viber or WatsApp)
Skype: ruslan-03
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