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alfatomes1 alfatomes1 Messman, BULK, 76000dwt 12 days ago

Dear sir.

I am glad to respond as an Able Seaman because requirements are closely corresponding to my qualifications, skills and working experience.I am a vigorous individual having extensive experience in standing, observing and guiding ship or self-propelled vessel under the supervision of the officer on watch; operating, retaining and fixing deck equipment for instance winches, cranes, derricks and hawsers; cleaning, chiping and painting deck surfaces. In addition I am very experienced in handling mooring lines, and fix together and repair ropes, wire cables and cordage. My enclosed resume shows the skills and qualifications you required for your organization.Thank you for giving your valuable time to read my cover letter. I am looking forward to a chance to meet with you for myself so that I will be able to relate my skills with your requirements. I can be reached at (+2347035278094 or by Email: alfatomes1@live.comThank you for your time and consideration.Sincerely,[Abee

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