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2O with salary 3800 USD on Bulk Carrier at Seafair

We are looking for urgently 2O on Bulk Carrier
Duration: 5 +/- 1 months
Salary: from 3600USD to 3800USD
Start date: 05.05.2022
Nationalities: Ukraine, Russian Federation, Poland, Romania, Georgia, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Croatia, Hungary, Czechia, Slovakia, Turkey

Seafair is a digital-first global manning agency with offices in the US, Germany, Greece, Philippines, and Ukraine, currently managing over 300 vessels. We work with the below values:
- Well-paid jobs on-time
- Top reputed ShipCos
- 100% digital process
- Professional 24/7 support

Support for Seafarers
For UA seafarers looking for support, you can:
• 24/7: Whatsapp via +380 91 481 8524 or email at Please apply with your Application Form at Email: HIDDEN LINK - PLEASE LOGIN or REGISTER
Resource pack: (Updated information on borders, transportation, housing support, visa, asylum, and other telegram groups)
Location: Worldwide
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