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Everyone who dreams or has already decided to go to work at sea suggests that it will be a romantic trip around the world, many different meetings, acquaintances, culture and history of many countries and all this is accompanied by sea and ocean sunsets and sunrises.

This is partly true, but only partly. Actually, work at sea is painstaking and hard work with many responsibilities, unfortunately, not everyone understands this, so you need to mentally prepare yourself for this.

But difficulties need not be afraid! We can prepare you for all the complexities of marine life.

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There are advantages to marine work, the main ones being the lack of food and accommodation expenses. Every day, a new view from the porthole and with a well-matched schedule, the opportunity to walk around the port cities. As a rule, ships depart from major port cities of the world, such as New York, Miami or Amsterdam, Naples, Barcelona and many others. The circle of your communication will expand every day, later many colleagues will become your friends for life. On board there are cafes, gyms, bars, beauty salons, which can be visited by the staff of the ship. So life will be rich and not boring.

But there are also difficulties, constant and intense work, stress and lack of personal - this is what you have to cope with. We will tell you many rules and requirements during the training process, and you will also know when you arrive on the ship during the briefing. But all this does not frighten the majority of young people, so the number of people who want to get a job at sea is growing every day.

In addition to professional skills and our recommendations, employment requires knowledge of the English language - as a rule, the level depends on what position you apply for. You need this so that you can go through the main interview when hiring foreign shipowners, as well as to communicate with guests and crew members.

To work, you need to know the names of dishes, cooking methods, ingredients, technological processes and much more, depending on what profession you have. In order to successfully pass an interview, you must learn tirelessly and use all your time to acquire professional skills. Do not skip classes and do all homework.

Working conditions and preferences for employees

Our graduates can expect to live in a double or triple cabin with shower, refrigerator and TV, as well as a good salary, depending on which cruise line you get on. And one more significant plus: money earned at sea is not taxed in Ukraine (with the exception of American citizens working on a ship registered in the USA). The terms of the contracts vary from 6 to 8 months, vacation between contracts can be from 6 to 10 weeks. Tickets on board and back are paid by the shipowner, but only if the employee has not unilaterally terminated the contract. Families of employees may receive discounts on cruises, and some companies allow their employees to go on a cruise for free after a certain length of service, as a bonus. Employees are also provided with medical insurance, and there is a certified doctor on board.


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HTS DAKS has partnerships with passenger companies, recruitment to the group takes place according to the requirements and application of the company. Our task is not only to prepare you as professionals, but also to give you the opportunity to find a good job. Among our partners there are shipowners of passenger lines, yachts, expeditionary passenger ships, merchant marine vessels. As well as hotels and restaurants both in Ukraine and abroad.

The interview asks general questions about previous work experience, it takes place in English and may include a test. Interviews usually take place at the company’s office, either on Skype or in our center, at the request of a company representative. If you successfully passed the interview and came up with all the requirements, then you are given employment on one of the company's ships.

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For employment, you need to have a package of documents:

passport international passport maritime diploma and certificates related to the position

While waiting for boarding, you need to go through a medical examination, as well as get a sailor's passport and a STCW certificate (if these courses were not included in the cost of our training). This can be done independently at the AVANT seafarers training center, or where the employer will send you. The following disciplines are included in the preparation of STCW:

training on mandatory minimum requirements for familiarization, initial safety training and briefing for all seafarers; security training for persons with designated security responsibilities; training for managing an unorganized mass of people; safety training for personnel providing direct Location: Worldwide
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