HD Coronavirus death toll tops 130; countries scramble to minimize damage

Coronavirus death toll tops 130; countries scramble to minimize damage

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중국서 신종코로나 누적 사망 132명•확진 5974명We begin this morning with our ongoing coverage of the coronavirus outbreak.The virus is spreading quickly and the world is on edge.Our Kim Jae-hee is on the line with the latest.Jae-hee, please fill us in.Right. So the new type of coronavirus that first appeared in Wuhan late last month continues to claim more victims.As of Wednesday morning,… at least 132 people have died in China,… and 105 of them are from Wuhan.The number of confirmed cases in China has soared to near 6-thousand,… with more than half of them in Wuhan.Shanghai and the Chinese capital Beijing have reported deaths from the virus as well.Beijing confirmed on Monday a 50-year old man died of respiratory failure,… and Shanghai said on Sunday an 88-year-old man died.Experts in China say the outbreak is forecast to worsen.The head of a team of experts at China's National Health Commission said on Tuesday,… that the coronavirus will reach its peak infection rate in 7 to 10 days.However, he added, there will be no large scale growth after that.The virus is also continuing to spread to other parts of the world.What do we know so far about its impact, and what are other countries doing to minimize the damage?Yes, the virus is popping up across the world,…with more confirmed cases being reported everyday.At least 17 countries and territorial entities outside mainland China have now reported confirmed cases.Luckily, no deaths from the coronavirus have been reported other than in China so far.France on Tuesday confirmed its 4th case in an elderly Chinese tourist.France's Health Ministry said the patient, who is hospitalized in Paris, is believed to be about 80 years old and is gravely ill.Japan and Germany have both confirmed cases from patients who have never been to Wuhan.Japan has at least 7 confirmed cases,… and the first confirmed patient a male bus driver in his 60s has not been to Wuhan, but drove two groups of Chinese tourists from Wuhan earlier this month.Germany has now at least 4 confirmed patients,… and the country's first confirmed patient a 33-year old German male did not visit China, but was in a meeting with a female Chinese national,… who later turned out to be infected.Thailand has at least 14 diagnosed with the disease.Having the most confirmed patients outside of China,… Thailand has announced plans to screen all arrivals from China for symptoms of the coronavirus.Hong Kong has at least 8 confirmed cases.Hong Kong on Tuesday announced plans to slash cross-border travel between the city and mainland China.The virus has also spread to North America,… Canada confirmed its third case from a man in his 40s who visited Wuhan.In the U.S., at least 5 people are diagnosed with the disease, all of whom recently traveled from Wuhan.The White House officials said it's considering suspending China flights,… and United Airlines announced it is canceling dozens of China flights next month because of a decrease in demand for flights to China.The U.S. also said it will expand screening of travelers arriving from Wuhan to 20 airports and land crossings,… and is advising people to avoid non-essential travel to any part of China.The European Commission said on Tuesday it would start helping repatriate Europeans from Wuhan on France's request.The South Korean, Japanese, American, French, and German governments are also sending chartered planes to repatriate their citizens stuck in Wuhan.That's all I have for this hour, but I'll be back with more updates in our later newscast.Back to you.#Coronavirus #death #ChinaArirang News Facebook:
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