HD Planned maintenance schedule (PMS)

Planned maintenance schedule (PMS)

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This video discusses the factors to be considered in making a Planned Business Schedule for the maintenance, testing, and operations of ship's equipment and structures.Contents of this video will benefit mariners preparing for exams (written and oral examinations).Mariners will also benefit by watching the following videos:Rescue at sea: The ISM Code: The official logbook: Maritime Labour Convention: Safe Manning of Ships: Managing Stowaways Found on Ships: STCW Convention and STCW Code: On-Board training as per STCW: Drug and alcohol at sea: FAL Convention: Articles of agreement: Taking-over command as a Senior Officer on ship: Occupational health and safety: Financial management for mariners: Risk management for seafarers: Communication issues for mariners: Leadership skills for mariners: Conflict management for mariners: Managerial skills for mariners: Crisis management and human behaviour: Muster Lists: SOPEP and oil record book: Ship Certificates: Salvage at sea: Salvage and Towage: SCOPIC clause: Letter of protest and sea protest: Free pratique: Time and demise charter: Voyage, time, demise and bareboat charter: Franchise in marine insurance: General average and particular average: Notice of claim, tender clause and deductible: Subrogation and notice of abandonment: Total loss of vessels: Running down and sister ship clause: Safe berth and safe port: Indemnity Clause: Exception Clause: Full reach and withdrawal and cesser clause: Offhire clause and performance clause: Port of refuge: Deviation from voyage: Voyage charter: Time charter: