The Boaters TV - Boating News and Nautical Know How

The Boaters TV - Boating News and Nautical Know How

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Today's episode of The Boaters TV features sailing yacht The Maltese Falcon (and tells you how you can get a piece of it!: ). This episode also delivers some nautical nomenclature trivia, an artistic look at nautical rope work ( ), and a little nautical know-how: how to tie a bolin knot ( taught by Captain Pat Doring of ).The Boaters TV online show delivers boating news for all types of boat owners and enthusiasts. Upbeat host, Julie Perry, reports important happenings in the world of recreational boating, but also provides a high level of entertainment value (or so we try!) with a combination of marine industry news, helpful tips, the latest in boat gadgets and gear, maintenance features, and even user-generated submissions. Contact us with major news or interesting stories. We love boat videos! The Boaters TV airs every Mon, Wed, and Fri at and will soon be available as a video podcast.
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