HD My first hat by Blake Stormer

My first hat by Blake Stormer

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We were flying to Queensland. When we got there there was this little beautiful hat shop. There were top hats to crocodile Dundee hats. I thought what hat I am going to get…Then I swing around and there was this glamorous top hat staring at me. It was black cotton with silky pictures of surfboards on it. The most favourite element of all is this little red feather sticked in the left side of it. I begged to dad he said you’ll find way better things at the Eumundi market. So we left the store and went straight to the Eumundi market.At the Eumundi market it was so fun. We almost got to do everything from tasting food and getting vegies. But we didn’t find any hats that I truly loved. When we got back which was AGES. I wanted to see if the store was open but it was closed so we had to go back to our apartments we meet with some very close friends. This was really nice.Dad and I woke up wanting to do something so we went on a little yacht. It was the most fun I ever had we had to drop something in to the reception as we were walking past the hat shop there wasn’t any hat in the window I went back with mum and I walked into the shop. I was looking and looking but no hat then this guy came out with the HAT.’’ I want it so badly’’ I said to mum. I was nagging and nagging till mum gave up. I finally got it I thought to myself. I should make a hat collection so I did. Now I got 25 hats at the moment this photo reminds me of what fun I had in the school holidays Blake Stormer grade 5 pfcs
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