HD Eric Akiskalian Films Hip Cortisone Shot w/ GoPro

Eric Akiskalian Films Hip Cortisone Shot w/ GoPro

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Back in 2008 while on a Chula (80' Yacht) run with Captain/Owner Tim Ditty, Chuck Patterson and the Seaman Brothers I went down pretty hard after getting towed into a good size wave.Basically my left foot got stuck in the foot strap as I was getting thrashed around by a 30'er and I hyper extended my left leg to the point where it felt like it was getting ripped off. I actually heard and felt something snap while I was underwater. When I surfaced Chuck was right there to swoop me up and take me back to the boat. Basically my day was over!At first the pain was pretty bad, then after a few weeks it kinda went away. I just assumed I pulled my hamstringand went on with life doing all the normal things I do. After about a year is when the the pain and irritation started to become more noticeable and got worst from there. Then about the second year it became very difficult to put on socks, tie my own shoe and then came along this subtle limp.That's when I knew something was wrong but I decided to put off seeing the Doctor for another year or so in hopes of whatever was wrong would heal it self. I tried yoga, stretching and all that good stuff but it never healed. The irritation and the limp got worst and finally it became painful to walk or sit for long periods. So I finally came to terms that something was terribly wrong and went to see the Doctor. As it turned out, I managed to tear my left hip labrum and was told that surgery would be needed at some point. That's when I made the decision to get the cortisone shots for about 6-12 months (every 3 months) and then look into surgery.I got my first shot in August and this is the second shot which should hopefully get me thru January 2013. Just in time for the 2012/13 Big-Wave and POW season!Filmed 100% with GoPro Hero 2Special thanks to this seasons supporting sponsors and partners! Sponsors and their Available Products GoPro — Xcel Wetsuits — Titus Will Ford — Oregon Surf Shop — Stay Covered — Spare Air — Jet Pilot Life Vests — Future Fins — Progressive Surfboards — DaKine Foot Straps — ?lCat=6&pID=10&SessionID=Wahoo Life Sled — High Surf Accessories — Connect and follow Eric Akiskalian:
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