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The GuGu Boat was developed by an Italian design team and first commissioned in 2005 by Abu Dhabi Marina Yacht Charter Company. She was designed and built to cater for the charter market in the region and is perfectly capable of hosting any event, party or private gathering that you, our client, desires.We are able to accommodate up to 90 guests on our two levels which total an amazing 360m², making us the largest water based platform in the UAE. The sheer amount of floor-space that we offer means that no matter what type of event you are planning, we can create a truly bespoke experience for you and your guests.Our lower deck of 240m², has an incredible glass bottomed dance floor, accompanied by a professional DJ booth for your party needs. On our upper lever of 120m², we compliment this with a fully operational bar. Across both levels you will find ample seating and lounge areas for all your guests comfort and entertainment.
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