HD Video 9 - Digital Nomad

Video 9 - Digital Nomad

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Many people dream of being full time digital marketers and they tend to picture something specific when they do.People who want to work online often picture it as giving them total freedom over how, when and where they work. They might imagine themselves working from bed, or perhaps from an exotic beach out of a café, listening to local music and sipping local drinks.Or scratch that: maybe they think they’re going to be working primarily off of their private yacht. Because they will be rich: super rich. That’s what all of the adverts say, anyway!But before you give up your day job and pursue that dream, perhaps it’s worth taking a step back and thinking about what life as an internet entrepreneur will really be like. Maybe you should consider the potential risks involved? Or the way that it can end up hurting your freedom too?For more Free Video Courses you can visit our main page: *********************************************If you liked our video, don’t forget to like, share, comment and of course subscribe to our channel for more videos like this.
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