HD Let's get started...the adventure begins

Let's get started...the adventure begins

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Eleven passionate young people from across the globe spent 100 days in the jungles of Borneo in search of solutions to the great crisis unfolding there. With few resources, and only their determination, resilience and team-work to keep them going, the young eco-warriors confronted many challenges and obstacles in their way – and came out with hope.Rise of the Eco-Warriors is a 90 minute feature documentary from director Cathy Henkel that tells their story. Join the team and the movement behind this movie on Facebook.com/ecowarriorsriseWe’d also like your opinion — tell us what you think of the new clip and whether it inspires you enough to pass it on to your friends and networks. Being an Eco-Warrior means taking action, no matter how small, to protect our natural world and help make the world a better place. Every individual matters – every action counts. Let’s get started…..and let’s keep hope alive.