HD [ENG] The embodied mind

[ENG] The embodied mind

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Neither is the brain a computer, nor is the mind complete without the body. This important idea will change the way in which the mind will be studied from now on. The body is what makes the world important for us. We wouldn't have any interest in the things that happen to us if such interest were not a bodily interest. Advancing in the understanding of the mind will depend on bold conceptual transdisciplinary proposals that will go further than the present ones. A more conceptual and basic research is needed to form hypotheses on how our body and our mind adapt to each other and fit into the natural and social world. A research intended to let us have new ideas, new concepts, not so much focused on technological resources. Thanks to this interdisciplinary effort, Cognitive Science has pushed the computer metaphor into the backgroundDocumentary produced within the 5th Scientific Documentaries Script Writing and Production Workshop of the University of Zaragoza The workshop is organized by the Unit of Scientific Culture (2014) and financed by the Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology (FECYT).The authors are: Manuel Gonzalez Bedia: Teacher of Computer science and Systems engineering, David Perez Chico, teacher of Philosophy; Jorge Ochoa and, Carlos Alquézar, investigators of the I3A; Jorge Estrada, PhD student in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology.Duration: 14 minEdition: Fifth edition