HD Sliced Tomato Luffa Soap Recipe

Sliced Tomato Luffa Soap Recipe

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This video demonstrates how easy it is to make your own Sliced Tomato Luffa Soap! We love this recipe because the tomato powder is thought to have strong natural antioxidant properties and improve skin texture. The natural luffa provides an exfoliating property to the soap. The design is a favorite for customers buying at farmer's markets.«Make It Handmade — DIY Soap & Cosmetic Recipes» is brought to you by Wholesale Supplies Plus. This video collection features videos which show the step by step process of making soap and cosmetics. Each video has a corresponding recipe which can be found on.Wholesale Supplies Plus offers written instructions and money saving kits online for this recipe as well as hundreds of others. Their “Education Center” gives you resources to succeed in producing soaps, lotions, bath fizzies, shower gels, perfumes, lip balms, and much more. Wholesale Supplies Plus is a one stop shopping destination for quality cosmetic and soap making materials. For more information or to purchase online, visit.To buy this kit: For written instructions: