HD Balamitra Tribal Education program

Balamitra Tribal Education program

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25 March 2013Dabbanda, Anandapuram Mandal, Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, IndiaBalamitra (friends of children) Badis Tribal Eductaion is an indigenous community education centre enabling indigenous children to grow up with a respect for their traditional wisdom. Balamitra works on education, curriculum development, research on indigenous science and knowledge and undertakes grassroots level training.Balamitra BadisTribal Education includes: understanding of the elements of the universe and adapting these in agriculture i.e. organic farming and replanting with native-species; connection with forests; using diverse local natural resources to meet daily requirements (practicing low carbon technologies and lifestyles); language; social celebrations; cultural entertainment; music; dance; drama; poetry; law; politics; astronomy; physics; medicine; mathematics; philosophy of life; and lessons taught orally, spiritually, culturally and experientially conducted in Telugu, Hindi and English. Balamitra is an initiative of Samata, an environemental and social justice organisation working for the rights of the tribal “Adivasi” people of Andhra Pradesh, India and for the protection of the natural resources and ecology of the Eastern Ghats (hills). Samata is the National Secretariat for the national alliance of mining struggle groups across India called mines, minerals & PEOPLE (mm&P), one of the largest environmental justice coalitions in the country.