HD Fritjof Capra - Ten Personal Questions about Ethics

Fritjof Capra - Ten Personal Questions about Ethics

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1. In your daily actions, do you think about the common good of the communities you belong to (your family, your friends, your colleagues, the whole of Brazil, the whole of humanity)?2. Do you include non-human nature when you think about the common good?3. Do you include your children, grandchildren, and future generations?4. Are your actions influenced by your awareness of their environmental impact (e.g. driving instead of walking or bicycling, using plastic bags instead of cloth shopping bags, choosing produce containing toxic chemicals rather of organically grown fruits or vegetables)?5. Are your business decisions influenced by considerations of ecological responsibility and social justice?6. Are you using energy and natural resources responsibly (e.g. switching off lights in a area that you don’t use, using a cup when you brush your teeth or the wash basin when you shave instead of letting the water run)?7. Have you thought of installing solar panels on the roof of your home?8. Are you aware of and informed about the effects of climate change? Do you discuss them with your friends (e.g. during severe droughts, floods, or hurricanes in various parts of the world)?9. Are you aware of the solutions to the problem of climate change (e.g. switching from industrial agriculture to organic farming and in this way capturing carbon in the soil, switching from fossil fuels to renewable sources of energy)?10. Are you discussing corresponding, and appropriate, political actions with your friends and colleagues?