HD Migration


AFN 8120 videos

Every year hundreds of thousands of birds migrate along two critical corridors slicing through the heartland of America — the Central and Mississippi flyways. Extending from the Arctic Circle into the Caribbean, Mexico, Central and South America these flyways swell with snow geese and hundreds of other species in the spring and fall. Squaw Creek National Wildlife Refuge in western Missouri regularly receives snow geese counts in excess of 250,000 birds in early December and were captured using a Canon 1DX from the ground. This film also features two different technical areas, still photography which is the primary focus of ImageStream Press and 3-d texture mapping with a drone where 300 images were reconstructed into a 3-D virtual world. Both areas are continuing to migrate rapidly. Lastly, there's a stark contrast between the unbounded natural resources of Kansas and Missouri essential for migration and conservation, and a largely abandoned ammunition plant which awaits environmental remediation after 50 years of hazardous operations. Filmed with a DJI Phantom 4, edited and color graded with Sony Vegas. The majority of this film was shot in autonomous mode, entirely hands off with the Litchi app using preprogrammed waypoints. Portions of the film have been sped up to compress the time over the vast distances covered. Flown within visual flight ranges, max altitude 375ft AGL. Music by Airplanes, «Ani» courtesy of the Music Bed.