HD Inspiring Environmental Initiatives: A Vimeo Group

Inspiring Environmental Initiatives: A Vimeo Group

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Videos that highlight the inspiring work of individuals, organizations and alliances to protect wildlife and natural resources, promote sustainability and stewardship, and encourage civic involvement in support of the environment.Faced with so many threats to our beautiful planet, it is easy to become despondent. Share videos that showcase practical environmental endeavours around the world – to encourage similar initiatives, solidarity, and optimism!Join the group. Be inspired. Protect our planet.My thanks to the following creators for permission to feature their video covers[1] Astrohouse, El Agua para Todos · WWF Colombia, [2] Black Ticket Films, IT’S A GOOD LIFE, [3] Brake the Cycle, Brake the Cycle, [4] Brian Wood, Favorable Ngogo Ecology, [5] Christine Ren, Underwater Dance to Save the Ocean, [6] Depave / Elizabeth Press, StreetFilms, Depaving at Fargo Forest Garden, [7] Eliza Powell, Twende Porini — Asilia Africa, [8] Ensia, One Palestinian man’s mission to make urban agriculture more sustainable (CC BY-NC-ND), [9] Fair Projects, Galápagos — Sea Shepherd (CC BY), [10] FAPAS, Hives for biodiversity, [11] Finn White-Thomson, The Sustainable Seas Project, [12] Gallagher Studio, Cool Streets: Cool the planet, one street at a time, [13] GenTree, Forest rebooted: Mont Ventoux springs back to life, (CC BY-NC-SA) [14] Grace Yeshe, Rise Up, [15] Jesús Sánchez Melado, Jario, corazón de Sajambre, [16] Julien De Wilde, The Indonesian forest communities, [17] Laura Gleim, Reducing Waste and Making the World a Better Place, [18] Marcel Steuermann, Counting Fish — under water research in Sudanese Red Sea, [19] Myles Thompson, Carp Jumps Over Dragon Gate, [20] Nick Jones (nickbjones.com), An interview with Jean Hains :: Oiled Bird Rescue Centre, Pembrokeshire, Wales, [21] NINA CONSTABLE MEDIA, Cornwall Beaver Trial, [22] Roundhouse Pictures, Transition Heriot-Watt — Making A Difference, [23] Sander van Schie — De Verfilmer, Farmland returned to nature — 4K (CC BY), [24] Seacology, Rabary Desire: 2010 Seacology Prize winner, [25] SF Bay Joint Venture, San Pablo Bay: Wetlands Restoration is Working, Video footage[1] Chesapeake Bay Program, PSA: What does it take to restore and protect the Chesapeake Bay? (Web Version, CC BY-NC), [2] Tommyvideo, Earth-5069, CC0 Public Domain, Photos[1] John Turnbull, Restoring crayweed Phyllospora comosa to South Bondi (CC BY-NC-SA), [2] Duane Schoon, Lido Lightning (CC BY-NC-SA) [3] The U.S. National Archives, Marc St. Gil, Marc, Burning Discarded Automobile Batteries, 1972, Public Domain, [4] Jukai Fujiki, Dawn (CC BY-NC-SA), Sound effectsLarge Door Slam Sound, Public Domain, MusicEpic Future (2015) by Soundbay (edited)Downloaded from: Creative Commons license: Inspiring Environmental Initiatives, a video by Nick Wood, 2017Licence: Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International