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The World Biosphere Reserve “El Lauca” is one of the world’s last biodiversity reserves. Located in the highlands of Chile, bordering Bolivia, is being destroyed by the unbridled exploitation of the borax mining industry, and polluted by mining tailings, which threatens its natural resources.A prominent off-road athlete, Gabo Benoit, explores these forgotten trails and paths on his bicycle in search of a unique and magical place to practice fly fishing. On this route to “El Lauca” park there are enigmatic stories about the abandonment of this area, the life difficulties of the last inhabitants of the region and the political maneuvers that has turned the use of the Chilean highlands as a landfill for mining waste at the expense of its natural wonders.In this journey, Relaves Foundation and local activist Gabo reconstruct and reveal the history of how this situation was reached and invites us to be part of the highlands and save this World Biosphere Reserve.«Lawqa, Let´s make the park a park again»Runtime: 32 minDirector: Raimundo Gómez VergaraOriginal idea and main character: Gabo Benoit Photo director: Franco DavicoResearch and script: Victoria Caroca / Ladislao Palma / Javier Calvo / Raimundo GómezProduced by: Patagonia — Fundación Relaves — Más Verde — Media Factor — Ignacio Mendía — Gabriel BenoitFilmed by: Más Verde Edition: Franco Davico with Raimundo Gómez — Franco Sanguinetti — Javier Calvo Music: Cristián Águila junto a: Hernan Cheyre — Grupo Maitas — Kai Markus — Isa Flautaro — Camila Moreno