HD Emerald Green (Trailer)

Emerald Green (Trailer)

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EMERALD GREEN is a 3-channel video installation about a dystopian world, where nature has been rendered extinct, breathable air has gotten scarce and the sun has vanished due to exploitation of natural resources and human error. The focus is on 3 people who try to survive and escape into their sub-consciousness in order to re-imagine and re-build the contaminated world they live in. The video installation is an imaginary reaction to real issues such as air becoming more and more polluted, water resources running dry, oceans accumulating tons of plastic waste, the human body degrading through processed food and an obscured force steering the fate of the world. The three videos were realised over a period of 4 years in devoted collaboration with film students from Taik, filmmakers, artists and the support of AVEK, Suomen Kulttuurirahasto, Arts Promotion Center, Nygréns Stiftelse, Anita Snellman Foundation, Taik and Kuvataideakatemia. TYPE: 3-channel videoFORMAT: Full HD / Dolby Surround SoundRUNNING TIME: 13 minYEAR: 2016FILM TEAM:Carolin Koss — Director, Script, Producer, Production Design & Set Building, Make Up, Catering Hannu Käki — Cinematographer, Gaffer, Color Grading, GripKim Viitanen — Cinematographer, Gaffer, GripInari Lepistö — Actress, Catering, RunnerKen Mai — ActorPablo Torpo — ActorMymi — Black Cat ActressOtto Andersson — Editing, Special Effects, Runner, GripJarkko Kela — Sound Design, Foley & Sound MixAleksi Tegel — Sound Design, Foley & Sound MixJohanna Tarkkanen — MusicAlexandra Ovtchinnikova — Costume Designer, Production AssistantEmilia Lindholm — Production Designer, Props & Set BuildingHeidi Jokinen — Set Design, Props & Set BuildingHeikki Pullo — Props & Set BuildingNora Nieminen — Set AssistantVivi Jäntti — Set Assistant & Set BuildingAmiira Kultalahti — Make Up ArtistAnniina Sipola — Make Up ArtistEssie Saarinen — Make Up AssistantMatias Hakala — Foley Artist, Voice ActorVili Laitinen — Foley ArtistJeppe Jørgensen — Directors AssistantTom Svens — Additional Effects