HD The Keepers of Seeds

The Keepers of Seeds

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Shot in the field with iPhones and camcorders, it's the message in this short documentary about empowered African women that is stirring and a testament to the transformative effect of women advocating for their rights and lives.Women in West Africa traditionally are responsible for the care of children, of elders and for feeding the family. Women work the land, but own none of it. This short video — created with footage and photos gotten by local New Field Foundation staff in rural areas — shows how women are working to improve, promote, and share vibrant agricultural knowledge and practices for a resilient regional food system. Rural women's associations are assuming leadership in the campaign for food sovereignty and food security. They do not support the proliferation of fertilizer and pesticide use.Through its main grantmaking program Rural Women Creating Change, New Field Foundation supports African rural women, their organizations and networks in sub-Saharan Africa to increase their agency over resources, information and policy.Find out more about New Field Foundation's programs here: Special thanks to:Tony Alter for Seeds (first Image)