HD Welcome to the Fierce Foods Academy by MaxLove Project

Welcome to the Fierce Foods Academy by MaxLove Project

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THE MISSION OF THE FIERCE FOODS ACADEMY IS TO EMPOWER CHILDREN, FAMILIES, AND COMMUNITIES FIGHTING CHILDHOOD CANCERS AND LIFE-THREATENING ILLNESSES TO LEVERAGE WHOLE-BODY NUTRITION AND WELLNESS IN TREATMENT, PREVENTION, AND SURVIVORSHIP.The Fierce Foods Academy is a community resource that empowers families to develop their own healthy and sustainable anticancer nutritional strategies, all while fostering a broader community of “fierce foodies.” We recognize that anticancer nutrition is a journey, not a destination. Our focus is on optimal quality of life, making our bodies strong and well-equipped to maximize standard-of-care treatment while also mitigating against the often devastating side effects of the very treatments that also save lives. The Fierce Foods Academy honors each individual’s and family’s nutritional goals by providing members with practical cooking skills, nutritional shopping literacy, and evidenced-based nutritional principles. We believe that by offering kid-friendly, practical, and scientific nutrition education, the Fierce Foods Academy empowers parents and kids to be full partners in their healing and survivorship.Our basic «Fierce Foods» philosophy is composed of these evidence-based principles:1. Lowering blood sugar makes us stronger. High blood sugar is correlated with worse cancer-related outcomes. When we limit sugar and refined carbohydrates we lower blood sugar thereby lowering overall inflammation and making our bodies stronger overall.2. Higher levels of inflammation are correlated with worse cancer-related outcomes. When we eat a diet that is high in vegetables, low-glycemic fruit, and organic, pasture-raised meat and fish, we can decrease signs of inflammation in the body.3. The strength of one's immune system is «the strongest prognostic factor for recurrence and overall survival.» A diet rich in vegetables and organic, pasture-raised meat, fish, and dairy, and also low in sugar and refined carbohydrates, contributes to a strong immune system.4. It doesn't matter how healthy it is if kids won't eat it. MaxLove Project is dedicated to making anticancer nutrition and cooking accessible and practical for whole families fighting childhood cancer. In support of these principles, we've developed the Fierce Foods Academy, a collection of programs and resources for families:Fierce Foodies Support Network, an online support group for parents of children fighting cancer,1) Video-based nutrition health coaching, 2) The Thrive Kit, a kickstarter kit for families to initiate micro actions associated with essential anticancer lifestyle changes.3) We fund consultations with certified nutritionists who specialize in anticancer nutrition. 4) Educational, research-related, and practical resources for parents and kids to use together 5) Kid-focused cooking classes (offered in southern California).With Fierce Foods on our plates may we all thrive against cancer and other bad guys!