HD Legends of the Peruvian Coast

Legends of the Peruvian Coast

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Just a few hours south of Peru’s capital, one of the Earth’s driest deserts collides with its most productive ocean. This region is important to the people of Peru and the world, who benefit from its seafood, tourism activities and job opportunities—all which rely on nature. Will we fight to protect this region as threats to its natural resources intensify? This short film for the World Wildlife Fund focuses on the legends of the Peruvian Coast that tell the story of an ecosystem rich with wildlife, culture, threats and hope.We were lucky enough to travel with the World Wildlife Fund to Peru in May and June, 2015. Our goal was to create a collection of photographs and a handful of films about Peru's Amazon, Andes and Coast — three of the most amazing ecosystems on the planet. Watch the Peruvian Andes short here: Watch the Peruvian Amazon short here: Learn more about what WWF is doing in Peru here: Produced, filmed and edited by: Day's Edge ProductionsMusic score by: New West Studios (http://www.newweststudios.com/)Narration by: Esteban PetersenTo license Day's Edge Footage from the Peruvian Coast (we have a lot!) find our contact info at: daysedge.com