HD Matters of Course, 2015

Matters of Course, 2015

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Jason Flack, Co-Director — Sustainability at MCC — Matters of Course is a thoughtful petition for conserving natural resources and the need for fundamental commitment to sustainable development. This video essay highlights the social challenges that entail the efforts of MCC’s institutional planning. Living more sustainably can take many forms in our college practices, from adjustments in individual lifestyles that conserve natural resources to using science to develop new green technologies.Purpose Statement: The purpose of Monroe Community College’s Sustainability Operational Plan is to support the Mission of the College and to advise and give guidance to the College’s sustainability efforts and to integrate those efforts with the College’s Strategic Plan.Mission: Monroe Community College is a dynamic learning community where access, excellence and leadership are the College’s hallmarks. Our mission is to educate and prepare diverse learners to achieve academic, professional, and individual success within a local and global context. The College serves as a catalyst for innovation, economic development, lifelong learning and civic engagement.