HD Deeper Spaces, Site-specific for Faena Art Center, Sala Molinos

Deeper Spaces, Site-specific for Faena Art Center, Sala Molinos

AFN 8120 videos

Deeper spaces from the past to the present, from memory to perception, and from experimentation to the co-creation of the imminent future. «The possible is, then, the illusion of the present in the past, and as we know that the future will end up being present, as the mirage effect continues to occur without rest, we say that, in our present, which will be the past of the tomorrow, the image of tomorrow is already contained, even if we do not capture it. That is precisely the illusion. „H. BergsonDogrush has realized the design and complete development of “a great sensory box», a device of visual, technological and digital art, inspired by the legacy that the renowned French philosopher Henri Bergson has left open to humanity.The proposal contemplates the spectator's introspection, through the sound and visual art a scenographic display that occupies the whole affecting the visitor, communicates with him and asks him from the deepest. What is the box?It is accompanied by lighting systems in motion and projectors that technically support the audio visual work. Mythologies, rituals, anthropology, intuition, created from multiple artistic resources, and a magnanimous composition of technological elements, animation, 3D printing, scans, artificial intelligence, invisible interactivities, displays the majesty of the use of augmented virtual reality as only he can do it.Life jumps to death as natural realities, which coexist in perfect balance.And so sensitized, invites us to reflect on the meaning of life.Curator Nora Schulman