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NOMADS is a tribute to indigenous peoples who move through a land that does not belong to them.We started this adventure in 2016 on the East Coast of Greenland, with the objective of knowing our world and understanding concepts such as time, physical space, globalization … conditions of human activity and reasoning.That is why we return to the origin, we want to see what we have evolved, what we have forgotten, why our system is absorbing the rest and why we have lost contact with the natural environment.It is a reflection on humanity itself, its relationship with territory, with matter, with economic transactions.We will travel around the world studying different cultures, ways of life and beliefs, habitat, and biodiversity, but above all, trying to understand social relations, the relationship with the environment and natural resources, the use of time and geographical space.Because the more advanced a society is, the more it forgets its historical, social and cultural legacy.A team composed of photographers, anthropologists, climbers and scientists portrays the current situation of each tribe and its natural environment, in an effort to try to understand our own development and the taxes we pay for it.Federico Arcos Zafra, President of the Paralelo 70 FoundationVideo: Fede Arcos ZafraEdition: Jaime WalfischMusic: Selenite.es