HD John D. Liu on Our False Economy

John D. Liu on Our False Economy

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Filmmaker and ecologist John D. Liu describes how our economy is built on false idea that material goods have more value than natural resources like air, water, and soil.To learn more about John D. Liu's eco-restoration cooperative visit: Transcript: You know the time scales are of great interest but what’s amazing is how much you can do in a relatively short time. So we’ve seen perennial stream flows returning in certain areas after simply six or seven years—six to ten years—you can bring back these perennial stream flows. So what you’re doing is you’re re-hydrating dehydrated biomes, and the method that you’re doing that is you’re introducing organic matter at huge scale. If you go into a natural forest, you don’t find no organic matter. You don’t see any geologic materials. The whole thing—it’s 100% organic material. And this is where it feels like a sponge. This is where it’s moist when you feel it. This is where it’s cool and the oxygen comes from. This is what we have to understand. And this is what we can do. So if we understand it. It’s basically our consciousness. The landscape reflects our consciousness now. Because we are 7.5 billion people and we’re adding a billion people every twelve years. So if we don’t really understand this; if this isn’t the intention of human society. Now the intention of human society is to go shopping. Well there’s no possibility that going shopping is going to help us. We need to do less of that. Another inversion that I see is that the values have been put on material things. So we say we want to grow the economy we have to have more extraction, more manufacturing, more buying and selling. Well that’s completely ridiculous. The true value is in the natural ecological function: in the air, in the water, in the soil fertility, and in the biodiversity. That now is zero in our economy. It can’t be true. Our economy is false. There’s nothing wrong with the Earth. It’s human understanding which is seriously mistaken. And the things which are truly valuable have been devalued. And the things which are not so valuable because they’re going to end up in the junk pile as toxic waste—leaking, oozing toxic substances into our water and our soil—has been valued higher than what is truly valuable. Now if we invert that and we understand that the air, the water, the soil, the biodiversity is much more valuable. Not just a little bit more valuable but much more valuable than everything that human beings have ever made and anything that human beings ever will make. Then we’re starting to get to the right place.