HD Coded Matter(s): Terra Fiction | Stage II of Worldbuilding

Coded Matter(s): Terra Fiction | Stage II of Worldbuilding

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FIBER and Brakke Grond present: Coded Matter(s): Terra Fiction | September 27, AmsterdamThe second stage in an event trilogy about Worldbuilding.Speakers:• Pippa Goldschmidt• E.J. Swift• Jay Springett• Ivan Henriques• Miha Turšič• Maja Kuzmanovic & Nik Gaffney (FoAM)• Films: Margaux Hendriksen, Matthew C. WilsonThe idea of terraformation was once the domain of writers and artists. We’re entering a new space race to colonise and terraform the universe. Silicon Valley companies like SpaceX, Google and Planetary Resources are in the front seat. As we edge closer towards inevitable environmental collapse these big tech companies are scrambling to colonise new habitable worlds on distant planets. By shooting a cherry-red Tesla car into space, they shape the future narrative of man in space. But what are we leaving behind on Earth? If today’s technological leaps aren’t improving our natural environments than what legacy will we inherit in worlds abroad?More info: Videography & Edit: Tanja BuskingCuration: Jarl Schulp and Fabian van SluijsStage III: Sensing Beyond | Beyond Sensing – Nov 23 & Dec 1, 2018Coded Matter(s): Terra Fiction was supported by:Brakke Grond, Amsterdam Fund for the Arts, Creative Industry Fund NL, The New Institute, Waag