HD "Where the Mountains Meet the Sea": Loreto, Mexico

"Where the Mountains Meet the Sea": Loreto, Mexico

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The small town of Loreto, México is located just 700 miles south of the United States border in the heart of Baja California Sur, on the Sea of Cortez. The thriving community has remained detached from modern excess. Loreto’s economy is dependent on its natural resources, which supports local fishing and tourism. The proud town’s people own and operate local shops, dive centers, hotels, and food establishments. From blanket makers to taco vendors, the streets are full of life. Musicians frequent the town center and tourists enjoy the natural wonders that Loreto has to offer. With its location nestled between rugged mountains and breath-taking coastlines, it is impossible to ignore Loreto’s natural beauty. It’s “Where the Mountains Meet the Sea.” Directed, Filmed, and Edited by: Daniel Ross StuartOriginal Music by: Daniel Ross Stuart