HD Significant energy spill disclosed to Vermont regulators

Significant energy spill disclosed to Vermont regulators

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Pursuant to environmental protection statues, the State of Vermont has been notified of a significant energy spill. Vermont Hazardous Waste Management Regulations Section 7-105 requires that:All discharges and/or releases that meet any of the following criteria shall be immediately reported to the Secretary (ANR) by the person or persons exercising control over such waste by notifying the Waste Management & Prevention Division.At 8:02am today, SunCommon notified the Agency of Natural Resources of a massive solar spill. Attempts to limit this discharge have failed, and it appears that the spill will continue unabated. Unchecked, this incident is pouring solar radiation the equivalent of 3 billion gallons of gasoline across Vermont’s landscape – every day.In calculating the penalties for such an energy spill, SunCommon asked the Agency of Natural Resources to consider the offsetting benefits for the thousands of Vermonters who harness this solar energy to generate clean, safe, renewable power.“We expect these spills to only worsen, as the days lengthen into summer,” admitted Duane Peterson, co-president of SunCommon in making this disclosure to state officials.To alert citizens to this public safety situation, SunCommon created this educational video and is staffing phone lines for concerned Vermonters at 802/882-8181. APRIL FOOLS!