HD Hurricane Irma - Update #4 from the Florida Keys

Hurricane Irma - Update #4 from the Florida Keys

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More than a week after landfall, the American Red Cross and a large team of partners continue the massive relief response to provide safe shelter, food and comfort to people who have been affected by Hurricane Irma.In Florida, Red Cross workers are providing food, shelter, relief supplies, health services and emotional support. Red Cross vehicles are fanning out in affected neighborhoods, delivering meals and relief supplies to people cleaning up their homes. Red Cross caseworkers are meeting with people still in shelters to help get some normalcy back in their lives by identifying their needs and connecting them to services and resources to help begin their recovery. The Red Cross is expanding our reach into more communities each day to provide meals and relief supplies. In the Florida Keys, officials estimate that 25 percent of the homes are destroyed and 90 percent damaged.