HD Reef to Ridge: Choiseul Island Conservation Project, Solomon Islands

Reef to Ridge: Choiseul Island Conservation Project, Solomon Islands

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Ecological Solutions is a Solomon Islands based organization that specializes in the environment. It is comprised of qualified and leading ecologists, botanists, and environmental project managers with decades of experience in conducting environmental projects in the Solomon Islands. We combine local expertise and knowledge as well as overseas experience in environmental and field assessments. In a developing country like the Solomon Islands, with exceptional biodiversity values, and rich natural resources, it is our aim to lead the debate on environmental issues, influence policy and shape development to achieve outstanding client success. We have experience with Environmental Impact Studies for both industries like forestry and mining, and are also engaged with community based organizations to manage, and conserve the natural ecosystems of the earth. Maintaining this balance is critical to our vision of a sustainable and efficient environment and future. Our aim is to provide services, and advice to our clients that is up to date and accurate, to find solutions to ecological problems that best maintains and sustains ecosystem services or in the case of already degrade landscapes to assist natural mechanisms of rehabilitation that ensures ecosystem functions have the opportunity to recover and flourish.