HD Disrupt or be Disrupted

Disrupt or be Disrupted

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We at Vitals Agency believe that as a company you have ultimately two choices, “Disrupt or be Disrupted”… By “disrupt or be disrupted”, We mean that if you aren’t innovating yourself, for your company, then someone else is and will potentially put you out of business right under your nose–with either a lower price point, enhanced technology, innovative thinking, culture, positioning, or their understanding of the way consumers are behaving at this very moment. This is true for every company, in every industry. Right now, at this moment, your company is either disrupting the marketplace, or is in jeopardy of being disrupted. Large companies are literally at war against a force a fraction of their size and with much less resources.This is the reality of the situation so we might as well come out with it.Between the pace at which technology advances and the rate at which ideas are generated, disruption is truly a natural cause of the times. There is a constant ebb and flow of disruption and being disrupted.This philosophy has become an integral part of Vitals Agency and how we work with our clients. Keeping this in mind when we facilitate workshops around the world, we are able to think ahead and keep the scope wide.