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Dancing in the Balance - FILM

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Because of people like you, the Kashia Band of Pomo Indians in Northern California are dancing on their land now just as their ancestors did for thousands of years.In 2015 a group of 8 organizations worked together to return 688 acres to the Kashia Band of Pomo Indians. This film tells the story of how the Kashia Coastal Reserve came to be, and what it means for the Kashia. Weaving together conservation and culture, this story inspires us to be a part of the healing of land and people.You can make a difference. You can: Find a land trust near you and get involved in their work. Visit: Learn about the local tribe. Here is a map of the United States — - and the sovereign nations within it. (map credit: Subscribe to News from Native California — Send the link to this film to colleagues, friends, family, neighbors. Start a conversation with them.The organizations featured are Kashia Band of the Pomo Indians, The Trust for Public Land, Sonoma County Agricultural Preservation and Open Space District, and Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation. Organizations who also contributed to the Kashia Coastal Reserve include California Coastal Conservancy, California Natural Resources Agency, Lannan Foundation, and Sonoma County Regional Parks.The film is made possible with support from The Christensen Fund. It was created by Plus M Productions and produced by the Bay Area Open Space Council. #wearehereandnowContact: Annie Burke, Producer, Andy Miller, Filmmaker,