HD 2019 WWD Stockmuehle Reconstruction Project

2019 WWD Stockmuehle Reconstruction Project

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Reconstruction of a water mill called Stockmuehle, will be conducted by a team of well-known International and Austrian Carpenters, led by the Austrian Open-Air Museum during the 2019 World Wood Day event. A fully functional duplicate of the "«Pahl»" mill will be built with the historical tools and techniques and exhibited at the Austrian Open-Air Museum.Video editor: Sebastian Nemestothy, Universität für Bodenkultur WienInstitut für Holztechnologie und nachwachsende Rohstoffe UFT Tulln (BOKU)Copyright © 2018 University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, BOKU Vienna. All rights reserved.2019 World Wood Day: World Wood Day Foundation: WWD Facebook: