HD Redefining Roots [Episode 2] "Logan Square Kitchen"

Redefining Roots [Episode 2] "Logan Square Kitchen"

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Logan Square Kitchen needs your help right now! Zina Murray, owner, has posted a petition at Change.org: (https://www.change.org/petitions/transform-chicago-dept-public-health)As an innovative business model, LSK has been inspected by the Health Dept. 19 times in less than 2 years, five times more than the Chicago Health code requires. As a result, many businesses are not inspected, while non-hazardous micro-enterprises are over-inspected. So, those at the Logan Square Kitchen are FED UP! This potential transformation of the Chicago Public health program will help make Chicago’s food safer for every citizen. Please sign and share!Chicago’s Logan Square Kitchen (www.logansquarekitchen.com) is a shared commercial kitchen made available to food entrepreneurs on an hourly basis. Farmer’s market vendors, wholesale bakers, small artisanal producers, and caterers can start a business in a commercial kitchen long before they could afford it. It allows people to start their own business with less risk, and serves as an economic engine for our community.Hopefully, with the help of this video, and word of mouth we can offer a signed petition with 23,000 names to city officials that we believe will foster economic development while better allocating Health Dept. resources.Logan Square Kitchen’s Pastry Markets and Pop-Up Restaurants are just two of the many events to showcase Chicago’s emerging talent in the sustainable, artisanal food community. LSK is also proudly the City’s only LEED Gold event space, as certified by U.S. Green Building Council. @logansqkitchen----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Music By:Jared C. Balogh«Pulling Myself Up Through»Album: Chaotic-Life-FinLabel: Enough RecordsReleased: September 13th, 2011Original opening and Outro themes by:NTRIKIT----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Visit: and to learn more about our web series.