HD Government of British Columbia to end grizzly bear trophy hunting — after the 2017 fall hunt

Government of British Columbia to end grizzly bear trophy hunting — after the 2017 fall hunt

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British Columbia is one of the last refuges of the grizzly bear, which once roamed widely across North America. Since 1975, nearly 14,000 grizzly bears have been killed by trophy hunters. This video is about British Columbia's next chapter. It's about the leaders, First Nations, and the communities who are imagining large-scale and sustained opportunities for the conservation of these iconic animals and their habitat — and then building solutions. It's about replacing extraction with protection. Today, we are celebrating a tide change in government wildlife policy. With less than 24 hours before the fall bear hunt opens in parts of British Columbia, the NDP government has announced an end to province-wide grizzly hunting — but it starts after the fall hunt ends on November 30th. We thank the widespread support, including Coastal First Nations, and celebrate the recognition of an alternative, non-extractive, sustainable economy in remote communities. Today, we are seeing a long-awaited acknowledgement of the wishes of 90% of British Columbians who oppose the killing of grizzly bears. Since the BC Liberal Party​ overturned a moratorium on the trophy hunt, thousands of grizzly bears have died unnecessarily. Today’s decision brings our societal values, one that supports the protection of our natural heritage and places conservation first. 2017 is the final year of the slaughter of B.C.’s great bears.Head here to read our press release, as we urge the province to make the ban complete and not allow for the loophole of killing grizzly bears for meat instead of for a trophy: pacificwild.org/news-and-resources/media-releases/government-of-british-columbia-to-end-grizzly-bear-trophy-hunting-Video by Pacific Wild's Lindsay Marie Stewart