HD Lars Wunderlich: What Are We Looking For? Solo Show at Urban Spree

Lars Wunderlich: What Are We Looking For? Solo Show at Urban Spree

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Urban Spree Galerie presents «What Are We Looking For?», a solo show of new works by Berlin-based visual artist Lars Wunderlich a.k.a. LOOK the Weird.«What Are We Looking For?» is a vertiginous exploration of our tech-dominated and image-centric world. Our global course to an endless progress, always more distant from the natural order, over-leveraging our resources, using ever-expanding technology to achieve a deeper exploration and understanding. But what are we really looking for? And do we understand better?In this conceptual journey which is an acute exploration of modernity, Lars Wunderlich crafts and paints visual collages, replicates portraits generated by algorithms, integrates economic cycles, and juxtaposes different time elements which generate collisions, distortions and glitches, to better highlight the unreal nature of those representations and the danger thereof.His paintings bear some similarities with the «New Leipzig School», albeit with technology at the core, and aesthetics boosted by Artificial Intelligence and modern faux-semblants. They are representations of non-existing representations, real but fake, distorted, whether by time, space, speed, or truth. A perpetual collision of images.