HD April 22 Earth Day v2

April 22 Earth Day v2

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VOICE TRANSLATION00:00 00:22 Isolated in the confines of the world, is Patagonia, pampas and forest, mountain and sea with its extreme climate… In this geography coexist two realities. 00:25 00:49 Of the settler, Patagonian man, must conquer this hostile environment, fighting against the elements. It manages to adapt to this hostile environment and becomes another inhabitant of the pampa, it brings with it the domestic livestock and their field work. Breeding sheep and cattle, extract wood as energy source and for construction.00:50 01:10 And this natural environment, unique ecosystem of the Patagonian pampa. An environment rich in insects, plant and tree species, bird species of mammals. Establishing a unique and balanced trophic relationships. It is here where the Patagonian man develops its existence.01:11 01:49 However, the man has a hostile attitude toward the medium that contains it and supports it. He attacks it and destroy it… Game over, taking some species on the brink of extinction, putting at risk the stability of the ecosystem. Exploitation of natural resources in the irrational form excessive deforestation. This deforestation has not been accompanied by a replenishment of the species that are removed, leaving the weakened floor. Fire and their indiscriminate use, this has led to devastating fires.01:49 02:21 So far man has developed a multitude of activities in this environment. Sheep farming, animal husbandry, animal breeding. Has generated support for his family for society as a whole, from the colonization, achieving advances in machinery and procedures, however, these activities would not be possible without the participation of the ecosystem.02:21 02:50 Where there are multiple species than in his act, in their surviving van controlling the trophic chains and controlling the number of individuals between populations of different species. In addition, marks functions as recyclers of the system consuming carrion and dead animals. Of great importance is the control over the species usually known as that pests02:50 03:01 Hence the importance of an ecosystem healthy to survive to have a sustainable development. We must learn to live in harmony with the environment.