HD The Journey of a Pair of Jeans

The Journey of a Pair of Jeans

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The Journey of a Pair of Jeans is the story behind the production of jeans. Animation and graphics present the lifecycle analysis of this common garmentWe use our own research team to find the best data available, and our own design team to transform that data into awesome graphics.If you are looking into doing something similar, get in touch!Research resources where you can find all the facts we presented in this animation.Group University of Westminster, Transport Studies. (March 2005)Energy Consumption in the UK Jeans Supply Chain.home.wmin.ac.uk/transport/download/JeansStudy_FinalReport_05-05.pdfChemical Engineer Magazine. (March 2013) A new concept for sustainable denim production.engineerlive.com/content/new-concept-sustainable-denim-productionResearch&Markets. (2014) The Global Denim Jeans Industry Report.Brooks, A. (2015) ‘Clothing poverty: The Hidden World of Fast-fashion and Second-hand Clothes’, Zed Books, London. clothingpoverty.com/jeans/National Cotton Council of America (1996-2015) World of Cotton. cotton.org/econ/world/Odem, M. E., & Lacy, E. C. (Eds.). (2009). Latino Immigrants and the Transformation of the US South. University of Georgia Press.Rodale Institute. (Feb 2014) Chemical cotton.rodaleinstitute.org/chemical-cotton/MIT News Office. (Aug 2008 ) Amid food price spike Nobel laureate eyes fertilizer, MIT chemist Schrock seeks to streamline production.news.mit.edu/2008/fertilizer-0813United States Department of Commerce (Checked on OCT 2015) Shipping Costs. acetool.commerce.gov/shippingStatista, Statistics and studies. (OCT 2015) World's 10 leading cotton producing countries in 2014/2015 (in 1,000 metric tons).statista.com/statistics/263055/cotton-production-worldwide-by-top-countries/