HD Swimming with an endangered sea cow (dugong)

Swimming with an endangered sea cow (dugong)

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Dugongs, one of four living species of the order Sirenia, is currently under conservation status due to the illegal hunting for its meat and oil. In Coron, Palawan, the Dugong Dive Center offers divers and swimmers an opportunity to get a close encounter with the majestic mermaids. Dugongs, also known as 'Sea Cows'.The Philippines is one of the countries with identified feeding grounds for dugongs, the Department of Environment and Natural Resources conducts pioneering programs in line with conserving and preventing the decline of these marine species. Co-vlogger: Jemaville Lim Visit our blog: Like our Facebook page:…Subscribe to our Channel:…Follow us on Instagram: @TheTravellingFoxesFollow us on Twitter: @Travellingfoxes