HD Fashion For All 2013

Fashion For All 2013

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Filmed in Cotonou, Benin.“Fashion for All” project began with the vision to unite fashion designers around the world to unlock creativity and ignite passion in the fashion conscious youth in Africa. It is not only medicine or food that young people in developing countries need in order to grow as future leaders. Rather, they need courage and resilience to rise above their current situations, and utilize resources to develop into independent and creative thinkers. This generation needs to learn how to exercise and actualize their creative ideas while taking pride in their own culture and respecting the differences of other cultures. Simply, they need to accept that they themselves can be dream-makers. «Fashion for All» program seeks to accomplish this by expanding the definition, expression and application of creativity in the African youth. Understanding that most primary and secondary education do not incorporate arts and crafts as regular subjects, «Fashion for All» hopes to tap into and unleash the children's hidden creative capacity and inspire exchange of ideas in the form of art and design. Experimenting with diverse fabrics, beautiful colors and textures, each student will transform into a designer capable of expressing oneself through the dynamic medium of fashion.Videographer: Bomin KimEditor: Hanggab Lee (www.leehanggab.com)Music: «High Ball Stepper», Jack WhiteSupported by Mtree.outofboat.com