HD Wi'kupaltimk - Feast of Forgiveness Trailer

Wi'kupaltimk - Feast of Forgiveness Trailer

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Many Canadians go hungry. Tragically Indigenous Canadians are twice as likely as other Canadians to experience hunger and want in their lifetimes. Wi’kupaltimk — Feast of Forgiveness, looks at the experiences of Urban Indigenous people residing in Kjipuktuk (Halifax). Salina Kemp, a Masters student, mother and Mi'kmaw from the Millbrook First Nation, takes us on a journey through all aspects of the «food security» issue — both historically and in the present.The film celebrates of the resilience of the Mi’kmaw, and Indigenous people in general; the rich landscape and resources which were available to them prior to colonization, the medicines and wild food that are still available and the sacredness of the food that sustains human beings spiritually, culturally, and physically.