HD Wild Harvest: Drifters Fish

Wild Harvest: Drifters Fish

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About Food & Fibers Project:Given that the conversation about slow fashion has yet to gain the momentum of slow food, in order to be advocates for slow fashion, we want to help consumers make the connections between what they eat and what they wear. Because of this, The Food and Fibers Project aims to use written and visual media to: Make the connection between what we eat and what we wear Preserve cultural heritage showcasing what we risk losing in the face of fast food and fast fashion. Look at the resources that we often call waste in both food and fiber, showing how this is in fact a new harvest Reconnect with the land through what we eat and what we wear Reconnect with the people responsible for what we eat and what we wear Promote sustainable agricultural and harvest practices in both food and fiberAbout Drifters Fish:Bringing you wild Copper River salmon straight from the fisherman. Each fish is hand picked and delivered by Michael and Nelly Hand, ensuring quality from sea to table.