HD Global Soil Week 2013 // Kick-off

Global Soil Week 2013 // Kick-off

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This year’s motto is “Losing Ground?” – Once lost, it is gone forever: the soil underneath our feet. Each year, billions of tons of fertile soil are lost due to erosion, unsustainable practices and wrong political decisions!Yet, it is not too late to act against “losing ground”, if we all – scientists across disciplines and multiple decision-makers from politics, business and civil society – gather to exchange our knowledge and experiences, and act now!Let’s kick-off together this Second Global Soil Week – the place to listen, speak up, shape future decisions!Two creative minds will introduce us in a very different way to “Losing Ground?” and inspire us for the coming days. – Be surprised!High-level speakers will jump-start our discussions with their perspectives on what “losing ground” means for our world and why we need to care about soils in the nexus with water and other natural resources.