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Agriculture depends on water, but in many parts of the world water is a scarce resource. Effectively managing WATERSHEDS helps farmers both preserve their farms and protect the environment, while new technologies like DRIP IRRIGATION can help conserve water by putting small amounts precisely where it’s needed, which greatly reduces water waste and SOIL DEPLETION. “AHUPUA’A=WATERSHED” A watershed is a land area, such as a river valley, where all water that falls as rain or collects as dew or cloud mist and drains into a common waterway. –Stacy Sproat. Stacy was born and raised in Kalihiwai, Kaua`i, a small coastal community in Kaua`i’s Halele`a district (along the north shore). After graduating from Kamehameha School in 1988, and USC with a BS in Business Entrepreneurship, Stacy moved home in 1992 to manage the Waipa Project, a Hawaiian community-based land management initiative partially founded by her father. Over the years, and as Executive Director, Stacy has helped grow the Waipa Foundation from a small entirely volunteer organization to a thriving non-profit with 17 staff, and over 25 weekly volunteers, which implements programming and activities in, and manages the 1,600 acre Waipa watershed as an ahupua`a learning center and Hawaiian community center. SALMON SAFE Encourages the adoption of ecologically sustainable agricultural practices that protect water quality and spawning grounds of native salmon and trout. – David Buchanan, a 4th generation farmer and fisheries biologist and owner of Tyee Wine Cellars on the Buchanan Family Century Farm in Corvallis, Oregon. DRIP IRRIGATION “ A system of plastic tubing with sophisticated drippers spaced at a set distance that enables the slow, precise and targeted application of water and nutrients to a specific location at the root of the plant in a way which maximizes water utilization while preventing water evaporation, runoff and waste.“– Naty Barak, Chief Sustainability Officer at Netafim, a global leader and pioneer of drip irrigation, delivering innovative irrigation solutions that increase crop yields and preserve water and land resources. SOIL DEPLETION “The removal of nutrients, biological diversity, or structural quality from soil due to improper extractive farming practices.” — Alice McGary. Besides being the founder/leader of Mustard Seed Community Farm Ames, Iowa, Alice works part-time at Wheatsfield Co-op, plays the fiddle in the Porch Stompers, and teaches pottery classes at The Workspace. Learn more at