HD Stephen: The First Martyr

Stephen: The First Martyr

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Acts 6:3–15Open your Bible to Acts chapter 6, chapter 6. A few weeks ago we looked at the first part of this chapter down through verse 7 and examined a little bit about the original organization of the early church. We’re going to pick up the story in chapter 6 at verse 8. You will remember that the chapter opened with a problem in the early church. A problem because some of the Hellenistic widows — that is, widows from outside Jerusalem, Jewish widows who had come to faith in Jesus Christ and were now a part of the church but were from Greek countries rather than the land of Israel — were being overlooked in the daily serving of food. There seemed to be great care given to the Jerusalem widows, those that were well-known to everybody. But some of the others were forgotten because they were from outside the normal circle…